December 04, 2017

20 Questions to Supercharge Your 2018 Strategic Planning

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As 2018 looms large over us, many businesses will have completed much of their strategic planning for the year ahead. But how much of it was based on direct consumer feedback from your target audience?

Whether you’d like to sense-check your existing plan with target consumers, or get a comprehensive view of the market you’re operating in, we’d like to help you supercharge your 2018 with the following 20 questions, split across 4 areas of strategic business intelligence.

4x Business Intelligence.png

Consumer Intelligence

  1. Consumer attitudes to 2018…are you looking at confident, optimistic consumers that may expand their spending next year? Or are they worried, expecting to to reign in their spending? The basic attitude of consumers will have a major impact on your prospects, providing a baseline for whether you might be bullish and expansive, or need to fight harder to every £ that is available.
  2. One word describe 2017…an interesting retrospective on how people have felt this year treated them, providing more contextual guidance for your brand. Can you tap into the zeitgeist as we roll into 2018?
  3. Focus…where is attention going to be focused in the year ahead? Are people planning to work on their relationships, health, wealth or something else?   
  4. The Brand you used in 2016 that you’d most recommend…which brands have won the battle for Net Promoter Score (and word of mouth) this year?
  5. Why did you choose that brand? An open ended question so you can learn what it is the best brands have done to earn status as ‘most recommended’ in 2017.
  6. Which Brand won’t you be using again 2017? Which brands are in trouble with consumers from 2017?
  7. Why? A quantified look at the major reasons people are leaving brands, with the option to choose ‘other’ and provide open-ended responses. Providing rich context and quantifiable rigour to help you avoid this bucket in 2018.

Market Intelligence

  1. Market Drivers…why do your target consumers buy a particular product or service? What are the fundamental motivations? Is your communication tapping into the correct messages? And does your product/service offering align with consumers’ most important needs?
  2. Satisfaction…just how happy are consumers with the current offerings in your market sector? Are there any obvious unmet needs that you might be able to serve, providing you with a new competitive advantage.
  3. Usage…Is the need for your product or service increasing or decreasing?
  4. Price…just how price-sensitive will your consumers be next year? Are your prices optimal for your sector?

Competitor Intelligence

  1. Unprompted brand recall…which brands in your sector are top of mind when it comes to consumers? This is a wonderful, unvarnished and useful data point on the relative awareness your brand enjoys within your market.
  2. Market Penetration…which of the top brands in your market (including your own), have consumers bought from most recently?
  3. How would consumers describe that brand? Is it the way you’d want them to think of you…or your competitors?
  4. Net Promoter Score…was the experience good enough to warrant a recommendation? Or are there more detractors? This is a great measure of how your brand is stacking up against key competitors for consumer satisfaction.
  5. Purchase intent…how likely is your brand to at the top of a consumer’s wish list when they’re looking to buy next time?

Brand Intelligence

  1. Where have people heard of your brand? A top level view of which major communication channels are driving the most awareness.
  2. Drill down…a more granular look at exactly what was moving the needle for you in 2017.
  3. Brand sentiment…based on what consumers know about your brand, how positive (or negative) do they feel about it? Are you in a good place, or is there work to be done?
  4. Brand Attributes…of your brand, product or services many benefits, which stand out most to consumers? Which do they value that helps set you apart?

Taken together, the answers to these questions will give you in an incredibly rich and detailed understanding of your consumers, market, competitors and brand…a strong base on which to base big decisions for 2018.

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