Questions You Need to Be Asking This Week

June 25, 2018 - 3 minute read

Consumer sentiment changes every hour of every day. Knowing what customers are thinking is the key to making good decisions for your brand. Here are the top stories affecting consumers this week. Keeping your finger on the pulse, made easy. 


Saudi stick shift

It’s 2018 and Saudi Arabia are finally starting to feel it. Today, for the first time, women are allowed to drive in the country. The lifting of the sexist ban is being hailed as “momentous.”

To mark the occasion, Aseel Al-Hamad—one of the country’s leading motorsports competitors—has driven a Formula 1 car at the French Grand Prix, as other women across Saudi Arabia gear up to get behind the wheel. It’s part of a wider programme to do away with some of the repressive laws that seriously restrict women’s lives and freedom, and feels like the start of a brilliant change for the country.

If you make cars, or automobile paraphernalia, why not think about how you could target emerging markets:
Which additional features of a car make your life easier?
Please rank your priorities in order of importance when it comes to what you look for most in a car.

Use these results to position your brand optimally to appeal to emerging consumer sectors.


Crème de la crème 

Clare Smyth, the only British woman to hold three Michelin stars, has been lauded as the world’s best female chef. She picked up the award at the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards in Bilbao this week.

But despite the accolade, onlookers have been left with a bitter taste in their mouth at the arbitrary distinction between male and female chefs. It was acknowledged by Smyth in her acceptance speech, and it has led to questions about the way women are viewed in the restaurant industry. There’s a consensus that, surely, it’s time for a change.

If you sponsor any awards, or are looking to promote equality in your industry, check in with people as to what they expect in 2018 and how you could encourage diversity:
Are you offended by women being singled out as excellent women, rather than excellent people?
How could [your brand] cater to women specifically?

Use these results to ensure your policy, your actions, and your partnerships all make sense in 2018, and are in line with consumer viewpoints.


We’re uber sorry

Uber will try to convince Westminster Magistrates’ Court that it fully understands where it’s gone wrong, and is ready to be given another chance. The taxi firm is appealing TFL’s decision to confiscate their licence to operate this week.

They say they have made serious improvements: agreeing to report criminal offences committed by drivers directly to the police; ensuring drivers only use the app in the region that their private license is held; and enforcing breaks of 6 hours after 10 hours of driving.

But whether or not the court is convinced, Londoners need to be won back. Without them, a shiny new license will mean very little.

If your brand image has been derailed, and you’re looking to get back on track, make sure to ask consumers:
Which brands do you trust to ensure your safety while using their service?
Are you aware of the safety precautions taken by [your brand] in relation to [your service]?

Use these results to work out which brands are doing the best job of communicating their safety policies, and to fill any gaps in your own.


Consumers feeling more at home online 

It’s a been a bad start to the week for the UK economy: Countrywide (the UK’s largest estate agent group) have seen their shares fall more than 20% as the housing market continues to struggle, and the FTSE is down 1%.

Some of Countrywide’s problems stem from rising star, Purplebricks, taking house-buying online. The success of the tech startup shows the extent to which the property world was ripe for disruption, and should serve as a lesson for other big established brands: get too comfortable and someone will find a way to offer a better alternative to your service.

Make sure you’re constantly on the cusp of innovation by asking consumers:
What’s your ideal way to access the service we provide?
If you could make three changes to our service, what would they be?

Use the results to find out what people want, and then innovate to make it happen.


If you want to launch a survey about any of these, or other current issues, just log in to your Attest dashboard and launch a survey to find out what real people are thinking right now. 

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Questions You Need to Be Asking This Week

Consumer sentiment changes every hour of every day. Knowing what customers are thinking is the key to making good decisions for your brand. Here are the top stories affecting consumers this week. Keeping your finger on the pulse, made easy. 


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