Questions You Need to Be Asking This Week

May 14, 2018 - 3 minute read

Consumer sentiment changes every hour of every day. Knowing what customers are thinking is the key to making good decisions for your brand. Here are the top stories affecting consumers this week. Keeping your finger on the pulse, made easy. 


Car trouble

300,000 car owners will soon be getting a letter from BMW, as the German manufacturer recalls all potentially-faulty cars. The vehicles in question are liable to an electrical fault that has so far caused one fatality. Questions have been raised over why it took the company so long to act, when there was the potential for dangerous accidents, and the brand will have to work to rebuild consumer trust.

Why not launch a survey now to ask:
What product recalls do you remember from 2017?
How did it alter your perception of the brand?
What could brands do to improve the experience of product recalls?

You can then use the results to determine how much of an impact product recalls have, and how to handle them should your brand ever need to go through the process.


Falling leaves and falling trees

This week, the Guardian leaked Network Rail’s plans to cut down up to 1 million trees. The scheme hopes to reduce the number of costly delays caused by falling leaves and trees. In March 2016-17, it’s estimated that there were 720 incidents caused by trackside trees, costing Network Rail up to £150m. The news sparked a petition to stop the tree-felling, which garnered 60,000 signatures. The company stated that it is constantly balancing the needs of the environment against passenger safety.

Why not launch a survey now to ask:
What one thing do you value most about our service?
How important to you is it that our decision-making process over the environment is transparent?

You can then use the results to decide which parts of your strategy to prioritise. You can’t please everyone, but you’ll be able to see which aspects of your business are the ones you need to be focussing on.


Starbucks newbies

Did you know, Starbucks doesn’t exist in Italy!? Neither did we until this week, but with the news that Starbucks is to launch its first ever Italian branch in Milan, we realised that the brands that dominate our high streets aren’t necessarily even close to ubiquitous in other markets. It will be a difficult sell, since Italy’s the home of espresso, and the company will have to find messaging specific to this new consumer base, who are already experts when it comes to the taste of coffee.

Why not launch a country-targeted survey now to ask:
Which brand is your favourite in [your category]?
What do you love about this brand?
If you could improve one thing about this brand, what would it be?

You can then find out how consumer priorities differ in overseas markets. Find out why the market leaders are so beloved, and base your launch strategy on the knowledge you gain to ensure your brand extension is a success.


The moment of the year

This year’s must-see moment of television was, according to the Baftas, Blue Planet II footage of a pilot whale grieving its dead calf. The mother drifted through the ocean, carrying the dead newborn for days, reluctant to let go. Attenborough revealed that the calf was probably poisoned by pollutants from the break-down of plastics in the ocean. The footage reinvigorated the debate on plastic packaging and has since indirectly caused a country-wide supermarket pledge to cut down on packaging.

Why not launch a survey now to ask:
Which brands or products have excellent packaging? And what do you like about it?
How do you feel about our current packaging?
If they were packaged in recyclable cardboard, rather than plastic, would it affect your experience?

You can then use the results to mastermind a new plastic-free distribution strategy whilst also taking consumers’ needs (around convenience and ease) into consideration at every step of the decision process.


If you want to launch a survey about any of these, or other current issues, just log in to your Attest dashboard and launch a survey to find out what real people are thinking right now. 

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