Q4 New Feature Roundup: Answer Limits for Multiple Choice Questions, Improved Insight into Respondents' Actions and more

November 08, 2018 - 2 minute read

Here at Attest, our product, design and engineering teams have been busy at work over the second half of 2018. We’ve released a number of new features and feature improvements destined to make the lives of survey makers easier throughout the process, all the way from  creating the survey to analysing the results.

Read on to discover a few of the most impactful features we’ve added to our Scalable Intelligence platform this quarter.

1. Answer Limits for Multiple Choice Questions

You can now select the exact number of answers you’d like a respondent to choose when answering a multiple choice question.

‘Please select the [three] characteristics you feel best represent [your brand].’

Asking for a certain quantity of responses, and capping their responses to ensure this requirement is met, encourages the respondent to take each option into consideration before choosing, so paves the way to better data and more accurate insights.

This feature is also available on grid questions, and serves to focus the mind of the respondent in both cases, meaning you receive more considered, higher quality answers.

2. No email sign up for your own respondents

When you’re drafting a survey with Attest, you can choose to send to your own pool of respondents, or send to Attest’s audience, making use of our demographic filters and huge reach. When you make the choice to send the survey to your own respondents, there’s now no need for them to give over their email address, removing one barrier to their honest feedback as consumers can be wary with sharing their email addresses.

Surveys sent to your own respondents are free of charge, and now encourage the best quality answers from those consumers.

3. Search, select and search again within free text answers

Analysing free text answers can be a daunting task; respondents are sure to find 101 ways to phrase the same sentiment. Now you can search for specific words or phrases, select all the answers containing that word or phrase with the click of one button, then search again for more terms and add more responses to the current selection. This makes cross-tabbing the selected results with the rest of the results easier than ever before.

4. Better insight into respondents’ actions

We've implemented new tracking facilities to give us better visibility on how respondents interact with your surveys. Do they love ranking answers? Are they empowered by free text responses? Over time, we'll have bigger, more reliable data sets to enable us to answer these questions. This means that our Attest Centre of Excellence (ACE) team will always have the most up-to-date information about respondent preferences, and they'll always be able to offer expert advice about how to craft the best surveys.

Knowing how consumers are interacting with surveys is vital to making our product better, by providing a better experience for respondents and gathering the best quality data from them for brands.

There are lots more exciting features coming to Attest in the coming months, as we constantly strive to make our platform bigger and better. If you have a request for a product feature, or would like to find out more about any of the features above, get in touch today!

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