Q2 New Feature Roundup: International Regional Targeting, Grid Question Refinement and more!

September 06, 2018 - 3 minute read

Attest’s scalable intelligence platform is constantly evolving. We’re driven by the needs of our clients, and won’t rest until we’ve built a product that delivers you the data you need to answer your most burning questions.

Read on to discover some of the key releases so far this quarter, and how you can use these new special features to improve the quality of your surveys.

  1. Regional Targeting for China, Australia and Japan

In a mighty effort that required some intense refresher Geography lessons, the Attest product now includes regionally mapped markets in China, Australia and Japan.

Every survey maker can now target individual regions within these countries. These key markets for international brands are split up respectively into prefectures, areas, regions and states, so whether you’re keen to track your brand in Shanghai, uncover key competitors in Brisbane, or determine ideal pricing for your product in Hokkaido, Attest can help!

It’s never been easier to target your key consumers in these three markets, thanks to new regional targeting capabilities.


2. Grid Question Improvement #1

We’ve made two big improvements to Grid questions this quarter. The first is the addition of image options. You can now add an image (or audio or video clip) to the question, and replace text answers with image answers. Use this to focus the mind of the survey respondent, display logos, or use images to keep interest high.


3. Grid Question Improvement #2

The second improvement to Grid questions is that the exported data now includes grid answers in the main Data Map and Master Data Excel sheets, as well as in the individual question sheets.

This means that you can view Grid questions in sequence alongside all other survey questions in the data map of your exported survey, easily identifying the question number and which data sheet each question links to.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Updates

Lots of the improvements made by our Development Team will never be seen by those making surveys using the Attest platform; they take place behind-the-scenes and serve to improve the experience without you even noticing the process getting better!

Behind-the-scenes action from this quarter includes improving the automatic cleaning of poor quality free text answers before they ever reach your results dashboard. As much as we want to believe bad survey respondents don’t exist, sometimes one slips through the net, but now we can catch them straight away!

When this happens, the Attest platform will now filter out the respondent’s bad answers to free text questions, freeze that respondent out of the rest of the survey, cancel their other responses, and bring in a replacement respondent.

This will drive up the quantity of high quality responses your survey will receive, so you can rest assured you’ll only receive genuine, considered answers to your questions.  


There are lots more exciting features coming to Attest in the upcoming months, as we constantly strive to make our platform bigger and better. If you have a request for a product feature, or would like to find out more about any of the features above, get in touch today!

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