October 24, 2016

Introducing Re-engage

Re-target specific respondents
Have you ever wondered what’s driving a sub-set of results, or wished you could follow-up to explore drivers, feelings and emotions in more detail?

With Attest’s new Re-engage feature, it’s now possible to clarify, expand and enhance results by re-targeting specific respondents.

How does it work?

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 09.12.40.png
– If you’re interested in understanding why 9% of the respondents above think that Whole Foods already offers a delivery service, just click on the bar to highlight this group.

– Next, hit the ‘Re-engage’ button in the bottom left of the screen and you’ll be prompted to confirm whether you want to Re-engage that group with a question or survey, or start one from scratch.

Re-engage costs nothing more to use and, as always, you’ll see results arrive in real time.

Get in touch at support@askattest.com or via Live Chat if you have any questions.

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