July 05, 2018

Q2 New Feature Roundup: Routing, Grid Questions & Lots More!

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The second quarter of 2018 has seen some impressive product updates at Attest headquarters.

From eagerly-anticipated, game-changing new features, to releases that ease the user experience, our development team have been hard at work to make the lives of our clients (that’s you!) easier.

Read on to discover all the wonderful features we’ve added to our Scalable Intelligence platform this quarter.

1. Routing/Branching

One of the most hotly-anticipated features for survey creation is now live! When you design your surveys you can create different paths based on respondents’ answers to single choice questions, totaling up to 8 different routes – one for each answer.

This feature allows you to ask different follow-up questions depending on the respondent’s self-reported behaviours and attitudes; if they perform a certain behaviour you can ask why, and if they don’t you can also ask why not.


Routing can also be applied to multiple choice questions, but to keep it simple you can send respondents down just one alternative route to the main path.

Bring respondents back together further down the line and branch again easily. Our fully reimagined routing solution offers complete flexibility to get the answers you need from the people who matter.

Learn more about routing here, or to discover the added opportunities a routed survey offers to your insights, get in touch.  

2. Results Dashboard Improvements

The results dashboard has undergone some serious work, and is now even more intuitive and insightful than ever before.

Display the results (and demographics) as percentages, values or both!


View results in the order in which they were drafted, or by the most popular answer at the top.

Share the results with colleagues with any demographic filters ready-applied, so they can easily identify exactly what you’re referring to without having to apply the filters themselves.

Plus much more! Get in touch with the team to find out which new features will make analysing the results of your surveys much easier!

3. Grid/Matrix Questions

Following considerable popular demand, grid questions have now been introduced! Grid questions allow you to ask for responses based on two variables. For instance you could ask about behaviours in regards to social media use, including asking how often consumers use each of the platforms; variable number one would be the frequency of use and variable two would be each of the different platforms.


Find out how to set up a survey using grid questions, and how to analyse the results in our helpful guides.

4. Internal Title

Seen only by your own team, internal titles allow you to easily identify surveys included in certain projects or with private references, that won’t be seen by the respondent so they won’t influence the answers.


Avoid biasing consumers by revealing the survey topic, and still easily identify which survey is which by using this extra title.

Get in touch to learn more about using internal titles, and for more guidance on best practice for creating surveys read our comprehensive guide.

5. Survey Tags

As well as giving your surveys a private title, you can also easily group your surveys into projects, teams or time-frames. You can now find the surveys you’re looking for in record time, and easily compare results from several distinct surveys.


6. Embedded video

Embedding an image or audio clip into a question is a much loved part of the Attest survey building experience. So much so, we’ve extended the option to allow for video clips to be seamlessly embedded into questions.


Respondents can stay within the survey app, without separately loading YouTube or a webpage. They’ll be automatically notified that the question will include a video and won’t be able to progress to the next questions before they’ve watched the entire clip.

For more information on creative testing, including easily testing the effectiveness of video content, read our recent blog post.

There are lots more exciting features coming to Attest in the coming months, as we constantly strive to make our platform bigger and better. If you have a request for a product feature, or would like to find out more about any of the features above, get in touch today!