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Product Updates

Introducing the New Survey Editor!


Attest is built for our users; anyone within a business that needs to quickly, easily, and confidently make decisions. That means empowering anyone with questions to collect and analyse the consumer data they need in real-time, at scale.

Our new survey editor is the product of a few things; extensive research with our existing clients and internal research experts, a proactive look at what the market needs, and a collaborative effort between our design and engineering teams. The final product empowers everyone – no matter what prior research experience – to create better surveys, more easily, and in less time. Because we know that the best part of asking questions is getting to useful answers.

Our whole survey editor received a full face-lift, and we’ve also added brand new functionality, here are some of the highlights: 

Dual view

Part of making our tool more intuitive includes the freedom to work with surveys in whichever way suits you best, so we’ve added a brand new view for all draft surveys. While the list view allows you to edit the contents of question & text cards, switching to the map view allows you to easily visualise routes for respondents. Edit the contents of questions, create routes and move cards around in either view, the tool flexes to however you like to work!

Read more about using the dual view, here!

Card list

Longer surveys are often important, and dealing with (up to) 23 questions at a time can be hard to keep track of. We’ve made it simpler than ever to visualise your survey flow by adding a card list to the left hand side of the Draft tab (in both views). Scroll vertically through this card list to see all the questions and text cards your survey contains. Then, to make it even easier to navigate, you can click on any question or text card in the card list to jump straight to editing it. 

Routing from a whole card

When you’re bringing multiple routes together, you can now route from a whole card, and save yourself having to route each answer to one destination. Simply click the routing icon at the top of any card type to turn it into a routing card, and select the destination you would like to send all the respondents to.

Find out more about routing, here!

Comment on colleagues’ drafts

Loving the new editor? Why not share it around! Most of us like to collaborate with colleagues to make sure our surveys are as good as possible, so we’ve paved the way for collaboration by introducing a brand new comments sidebar. 

Discover more, here!

Easier category tagging

You can now tag your survey draft based on the type of work you’re doing on the Attest platform, right in the editor as you’re working. Organise your surveys to easily navigate around your surveys, and see your work on a project alongside your colleagues’ surveys in the Team Surveys area.

There’s more being added to the new editor – as well as every other part of the Attest platform! – every week. If you’re new to Attest and want to give the new survey editor a try, why not book a demo today? You’ll be up & running, gathering consumer insights in no time. 

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