May 10, 2018

Introducing: Routing

We know a lot of you have been rooting for routing, so you can get even more powerful results from our audience of 30 million consumers around the world.

While you’ve always been able to filter out respondents who didn’t meet your desired requirements with Attest (using targeting to speak to different demographics, or qualifying questions to speak to a segment who exhibit certain behaviours), now, with routing, you can use Attest to get insight from multiple consumer segments in just one survey.

Routing does just what is says on the tin; depending on the answers given, you can now send respondents down different ‘routes’, altering the course of questions for a respondent based on their responses along the way.

There are many great benefits to this new feature, below we’ve outlined two of the key reasons you might want to include routing in your next survey.

Benefit #1: See the full picture

Using qualifying questions you can get answers to why respondents do or don’t behave in a certain way, but you lose touch with all the respondents who answered the opposing way to your qualifying question.

We know it’s a shame to lose touch with these respondents, who might have the insight you need to unlock business problems and open up your market, but are just out of reach.

Using Attest’s new routing feature, you can gather unlimited intelligence from the entire respondent pool, to find out not just why respondents act a certain way, but also why other respondents don’t, what the blockers are to this behaviour and how these can be removed to make a better product and service for the entire market.

Using routing, you can see the full picture in just one survey, which makes designing the survey easier (less cloning and re-running of surveys) and puts the results in one dashboard view for you.

For example, you might ask: ‘Are you familiar with [brand]?’ Yes/No.

Now you can ask everyone who is familiar with your brand how they first found out about it, what they like about it and other related questions; while you can also ask everyone who hasn’t heard of you which brands they are familiar with, they media habits and their satisfaction levels with existing providers. That’s two sets of extremely powerful information in a single survey!

Benefit #2: Relevance for all

When it comes to designing a survey, one way to keep respondents engaged throughout your survey is to give them questions they actually have the answers to.

Routing ensures that each respondent receives a question that follows on logically from the preceding questions, so they’re not asked to repeat themselves, answer a question they don’t have the knowledge for or hit ‘Skip’ because the question just doesn’t apply to them.

Your questions can be more specific, tailored to suit a certain consumer behaviour, rather than being generic enough for everyone to answer. This means that the level of detail you can receive from a routed survey is much higher.

For example you might ask: ‘How physically active are you?’ Active/Not Active

You can then ask relevant questions to each group:

  • Active: what are your favourite activities?
  • Not active: what stops you from being more active?

If the rest of the survey then applies to both types of consumer, you can simply bring them back into a single branch again.

Setting up a survey using routing

Loginand start your survey from scratch. Branch single choice questions into separate ‘routes’ for participants to follow based on the response they’ve given:

Send several answers down the same route, to branch later on, or bring several branches back together easily:

Analysing a routed survey

It’s incredibly easy to analyse a survey that uses the routing feature.

Clicking an answer highlighted as the start of a ‘route’ will illuminate the other questions in that route:

Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 09.46.03

To see the full responses for each route, you just need to select the correct route at the top of the results dashboard:

Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 09.46.43

To get started using Attest’s survey builder, including the brand new routing feature, get in touch with us.

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