September 19, 2018

How To Bill Your Clients When Using Attest

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The uses for consumer insights are many; agencies can use it to grow their thought leadership reliability or thoroughly understand their clients’ key markets to spot new trends. Meanwhile, brands can use the tool to track the impact a campaign is having and the overall health of their brand.

See ‘5 Great Survey Templates for Agencies of All Shapes and Sizes’ for more details on how to get started.

While the uses of a scalable intelligence tool like Attest make it an influential strategic partner for your agency, each potential use case adds a layer of difficulty to the billing process, surely? Not so. There’s two simple ways the Attest tool can be billed to clients.

1. Cost + Time

The first option is to pass the cost of Attest directly through to your client, with an added project management fee for your own time. How much time? Less than you probably think!

Accessing consumer data has never been easier or quicker.

The Attest platform has scripting best practices built in – including capping surveys at 23 questions and 8 answer options per question, to ensure the highest level of quality in the responses received. As such, it’s easy to build and set-live surveys, before the results are displayed to you, in real-time, in an interactive results dashboard. This makes the analysis much faster and easier too.

In terms of tracking the ‘hard’ costs of consumer data acquisition through Attest’s platform, this couldn’t be easier.

You receive a detailed receipt for every survey you run (see below), making it a cinch to keep track of what research you’ve run for which clients, and in turn it means billing this way is a straightforward process. Your finance team will love you!


2. Added Value Product

A second option is to price the consumer insights as an additional product or service that can be offered to clients. For example you might offer brand tracking or campaign performance tracking, segmentation research or competitive intelligence as additional options for your client.

Taking the product-route to billing is a great way to bring in predictable and repeat new revenue streams.

The level of service you offer, and your own margins will dictate the price at which you place these services.

Should you ‘white label’ Attest?

Our agency clients don’t, because by white labelling you lose the authority of independent data from a trusted third party.

Instead you should use Attest to independently verify your ideas, rather than white-labelling the results, so that your clients can appreciate the independent validity of the responses received.

How Attest’s pricing works

Attest uses a credit system, with one credit accounting for one response to one question. A 5 question survey, to 500 respondents would therefore require 2,500 credits.

For each survey run on behalf of a client, you’d need to know the number of questions to be asked (Attest’s survey templates and Account Executive Team can help you work to best survey practices), and the required sample size, to establish the price to pass through or bolt-on for your client.

Your Attest subscription will either include a set number of credits accessible each month, or an unlimited number of credits under some plans. With unlimited plans you’ll also receive access to the Attest Centre of Excellence which provides a set number of end-to-end project management services.

The Next Steps…

The Attest platform has use cases that apply to agencies themselves, the brands they work with, and serve purposes of both parties. Breaking these services down to the billing process needn’t been confusing, though. In fact, it’s as easy as choosing to pass the cost of the survey through to the client with an added project management fee, or supplying insights as a bolt-on service.

Get in contact with Attest to discuss how we can elevate your understanding of consumer markets for the benefit of you and your clients.