July 27, 2016

TechWorld features Attest as one of the top MarTech startups in the UK.

This week we were excited to see the Attest profile piece by Scott Carey in TechWorld. Scott interviewed Jeremy King, our CEO, along with other members of the Attest team to discuss all that we’re doing, and what Attest brings to the £4.8bn UK Market Research industry.

The Attest Approach

Scott writes “Market research is the latest multi-billion dollar industry that is ripe for disruption. British startup Attest thinks it has the formula to knock the incumbent players off of their perch”. “What Attest aims to do is bring a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach to market research, giving businesses live access to a pool of respondents to conduct market research in real-time.”

Scott goes on to comment, “It took me roughly thirty seconds to ask a simple question but you can build more complex, multiple question surveys. One nice feature is the ability to review and follow up your research. If you want to revisit a question or survey you can ask another question to the same sample that responded before for deeper insight, or “find lookalikes” for a new sample.” “You can then watch the results as they come in starting with the first respondent. You can download the results to an Excel or feed it into your downstream analytics or BI tools and share with colleagues.”

“One of the key differentiators for Attest is accessing the sort of respondents that brands want to hear from. Namely: younger, affluent people.”


TechWorld were particularly interested in the tech behind Attest, and Jeremy commented that at Attest “Our entire business is built around the respondents and the ability to get the higher value respondents, the more affluent and more valuable people that don’t tend to do research.”

You can read both the articles here: Meet Attest: the British startup bringing SaaS to the market research industryTop-12-marketing-tech-martech-startups-in-uk-3639921

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