June 10, 2016

RetailWeek selects Attest as “Start-up of the Week”

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We were delighted that RetailWeek choseAttestas ‘Start-up of the Week’

What RetailWeek values in Attest – quality, efficiency, value

“Attest is a technology start-up that is designed to deliver high-quality, high-volume market research and insights. The start-up’s platform is designed to deliver insights to retailers based on data about their most valuable customers.”

“The platform is intended to enable retailers to gain feedback from their most valuable shoppers and keeps costs low by charging partners per completed response.

The platform is designed to drive efficiency by delivering insight on customers within hours, a process which can sometimes take days.”

Bowden quoted Attest’s founder Jeremy King, “We make it easy to tailor retailer research precisely to reach only the respondents you really value.”

RetailWeek’s conclusion

Bowden concludes that Attest offers a solution to the problem of “how best to exploit the vast resource that is big data, retailers are able to hone in on their most high-value customers.”

You can read the full articlehere

If you would be interested in using Attest to generate insights for your company, please contact ushere