The best Qualtrics alternative for marketers

Attest is a Qualtrics alternative for brand tracking, creative testing, new product development and more. See how we stack up against Qualtrics.

If you’re looking for a consumer insights tool, you’re probably weighing up the different options. And if Attest isn’t on your list already, it definitely should be. Attest is a leading competitor to brands like Qualtrics and is perfect for those who are new to market research because of its incredibly easy to use interface.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of Attest, the platform’s features and pricing and how it compares to Qualtrics, so you can make an informed choice.

Alternatives to Qualtrics

The are a number of alternatives to Qualtrics on the market but they don’t all have the same scope. Qualtrics is designed for major enterprises and offers a large suite of products, which help companies to do things like increase employee productivity or improve product market fit.

On the other hand, tools like SurveyMonkey, SurveySparrow, QuestionPro and Google Forms, are more limited in terms of features and have more basic applications. Attest straddles the gap between the two, offering high quality data from an audience of millions of consumers alongside advanced features, but it’s designed to be much more accessible.

You don’t need to be a research expert to use Attest – you can get up and running and start uncovering real insights about your consumers in a matter of hours. It’s why we’re used by fast-growth brands like Gymshark, Little Moons, Wise and Bloom & Wild.

“The research we’ve done has really enabled us to make data-driven decisions and it’s helped us to think long term”

Lorna Phillips, Audience Insight Manager at Gymshark
how it works

A Qualtrics alternative with data quality guaranteed

We know from customer feedback, that data quality is a number one priority when shopping for survey software. Because of this, we’ve doubled down on data quality. Attest now has more data quality controls in place than anyone else, triple checking responses for red flags like:

  • Speeding – completing the questions too quickly
  • Skipping – failure to answer questions
  • Mismatched demographics – respondents providing conflicting information
  • Overclaiming – respondents exaggerating
  • Gibberish – nonsense open text answers
  • Non-relevancy – open text answers that don’t make sense

What’s more, our data science team have devised an innovative ‘respondent score’ model. This lets us detect low quality respondents even when they don’t trigger any individual data quality algorithm (you can read more about it here). 

Survey software with the human touch

Another way Attest goes above and beyond Qualtrics when it comes to data quality is through the support offered by our Attest Customer Expertise (ACE) team. Constructing surveys can be daunting – you want to make sure you ask the right questions, in the right way to get the right data, and ACE is there to help you.

Badly constructed surveys can result in poor quality data. For example, if you ask a leading question that influences how people answer, or if you fail to supply sufficient answer options for a multiple choice question, your data will be unreliable. To stop people making these common mistakes, ACE is on hand to review surveys and can leave comments directly in your dashboard for you to action. By helping you to ask the right questions, Attest ensures you get the best outcomes from your research.

Qualtrics vs Attest

Wondering how Qualtrics and Attest compare? Let’s take a look at them side by side…

Value proposition

Attest: A fast, easy and reliable way for brand marketers to conduct consumer research and get insight that helps them make business decisions. Attest is designed for nimble challenger brands and aims to democratise consumer insights by making them accessible to people who aren’t research experts.

Qualtrics: A suite of experience management solutions designed for multinational corporations with extensive analytical needs, primarily for tracking employee and customer experience.


Attest: Our platform has been designed to be truly accessible and intuitive. Anyone can create an account and get started in minutes. The easy-to-use survey builder lets you choose from a selection of question types (or you can get your research off the ground even more quickly thanks to a range of survey templates). Once your survey is complete (you’ll see responses coming in real-time), it’s also super simple to analyse the results. Slice and dice the data by toggling demographic filters, check out Attest’s automated insights feature, and export your data to your preferred software.

Qualtrics: Qualtrics offers a sophisticated suite of enterprise survey and analytics solutions spanning a variety of use-cases. Mainly geared toward insights teams, the software is less accessible to people in other roles, such as marketers. The level of sophistication often requires project management and implementation by experts.


Attest: With Attest, you can reach 100 million respondents in 46 markets. We work with multiple panels, which improves both our reach and our respondent quality. Attest’s belief is that diverse panels are key for allowing and representing a wide range of views from a multitude of sources. In-platform, you can easily choose the target audience you require for any particular survey. Our selection of demographics ranges from basics like age and location, through to things like household income, employment sector and pet ownership. Simply pick and mix what you want and you’ll see the available audience.

Qualtrics: Through its ‘Services’ arm, Qualtrics also has access to a large pool of respondents (90 million) and can build out panels to your specifications. But rather than giving you easy and instant access to consumers, they take care of sourcing respondents and act more like a research agency, which has additional costs.

Use cases


  • Brand tracking  and NPS surveys
  • Consumer profiling
  • Creative asset testing
  • Campaign insights (pre/post)
  • New product development
  • International expansion


  • Enterprise employee experience
  • Enterprise customer experience 
  • Analysis across 100s-1000s of product SKUs
  • Sophisticated enterprise survey applications


Attest: As an Attest customer, you’ll benefit from a dedicated Account Manager who acts as a consistent point of contact for any queries you may have. You’ll also enjoy support from the Attest Customer Expertise (ACE) team of research experts. Our aim is to support you to create effective surveys and analyse the data to pinpoint insights, rather than do it for you. We believe everyone can be empowered to gather and work with consumer data, which means you can get answers as and when you need them and don’t need to wait on anyone.

Qualtrics: Qualtrics operates more like a market research agency, providing a full-service offering. You can have your research projects taken care of from start to finish, with the results delivered to you in a report. The downside of this is the cost this level of support costs and the time that it takes. While you can use Qualtrics products independently, a level of expertise is needed. As such, Qualtrics support is tailored around users with a background in research.


Attest: Attest offers three pricing plans; Free, Professional and Enterprise. With the Free plan, you can send unlimited surveys to your own database of contacts and take advantage of features to help you analyse, filter and export results. You also get unlimited user accounts so your whole team can collaborate on research projects. For those needing access to our audience of 100 million consumers in 49 markets, the Professional plan starts at $1.6k per month. You pay per response you receive, with a fixed cost regardless of the target audience. Enterprise plans are tailored to your particular needs, including support for multiple markets, teams and use cases.

Qualtrics: Qualtrics also offers a free account for sending surveys to your own customers, but you’re limited to 100 responses and you can only have one active survey at a time. For access to Qualtrics’ audience of consumers, there is no fixed price plan. You’ll pay varying amounts according to who you’re targeting, with more charged for niche, harder to reach audiences. Meanwhile, pricing for full-service research projects varies according to scope. Standalone products are priced separately.

Why Attest is the best alternative to Qualtrics

Attest offers you the best of both worlds – the value for money and speed of a self-service solution combined with the data quality and reporting features you’d get from an agency. A big plus point is that our data quality is guaranteed, with human verification on each response, while Qualtrics has a lack of rigorous quality control checks.

Our survey platform has a more intuitive interface than Qualtrics and is designed for people who are not experts in market research but need consumer insights to do their jobs better, like marketers. Not only is Attest a more accessible Qualtrics competitor, but it’s also a significantly cheaper solution.

When I think about Attest, I think about it as the best of all worlds. So you’re getting the high quality data that you would get from any of the big monolithic research companies, but with a self service front-end that frankly allows you to manage costs more effectively.

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director at Little Moons
Free brand survey

Start with Attest for free

It couldn’t be easier to register for a free account and start surveying your customers. And if you want to try out Attest’s full capabilities, you can even trial our audience of consumers for free.

Get your complimentary three-question brand awareness survey and find out how your brand ranks among competitors. We’re confident once you try out the Attest product experience, you’ll be convinced it’s a great Qualtrics alternative.

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