June 13, 2018

Holiday Extras & Attest


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Holiday Extras is the UK’s leading provider of travel extras; with a wide array of useful products that make travelling hassle free, including airport hotels, airport parking, airport lounges and holiday insurance.

The Problem:

Designing any form of creative asset requires near-constant assessment and reassessment. With hundreds, even thousands, of variables to consider, teams involved in design can often find themselves so deeply embedded in a project that they become blind to the impact that their creative elements would have on a consumer interacting with the brand for the first time.

Holiday Extras understood the need to invite consumers to the conversation. They could then receive a fresh, unbiased set of eyes on their designs, with enough time prior to launch to optimise so that the right messaging would be getting through to the people that matter most – potential customers. To do this, Holiday Extras needed a consumer intelligence platform with the flexibility to display videos and images, and to gather both quantitative and qualitative results side-by-side.

The Path to Success:

Using Attest’s Scalable Intelligence™ platform, Holiday Extras displayed their new homepage design to UK consumers, allowing for free-text, unprompted responses as to the instant feelings their design invoked. Gathering this qualitative data gave meaningful insight that allowed the team to refine the design further.

Finding success with this process, the Product Content team also started to use the platform to test another creative asset, this time a video designed to help customers choose one of Holiday Extras’ partner hotels. Holiday Extras were interested in understanding what duration was best for the video (and so tested 3 different edits), the brand awareness induced by the video, the most memorable messages portrayed and the subsequent purchase intent of consumers who viewed the video in full, all of which are provided by the Attest platform. By cross-tabbing results, the team were able to accurately and efficiently analyse which consumers were most drawn-in by individual messages, and the video as a whole.

Great Results:

Holiday Extras have discovered the unique value of inviting consumers into the centre of the decision-making process. By testing their creative assets with consumers prior to release, the teams have been able to optimise the effectiveness of these designs and reduce the risks that come with launching any new campaign materials. Keen to keep consumers involved in the important conversations, other teams at Holiday Extras are bringing Attest’s Scalable Intelligence™ platform into their decision-making process.

“A business like ours thrives on live, accurate and speedy data but until we discovered Attest we found it really difficult to make decisions about creative work. We either had to divert our development team’s time and resources to set up A/B tests (which rarely delivered the sort of on-the-fly data we required), or we had to spin up expensive and time consuming consumer surveys and focus group activity, or we had to accept our own subjective view. Since we have started working with Attest we find we can make faster, more accurate decisions and can be more confident that the creative work we have produced is well received. I’m really excited to further broaden the use case for the platform around the business.”– Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director, Holiday Extras

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