June 13, 2018

DogBuddy & Attest


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DogBuddy is Europe’s leading online dog sitting and home dog boarding community, offering their first-class boarding service, doggy day care, walking and sitting services to consumers across the UK, Spain, Italy France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

The Problem:

When operating in several countries, keeping your finger on the pulse of consumer perceptions across multiple markets can be a daunting task for a company of any size. Looking to continue their rapid growth in each of their eight current markets, it’s especially important for DogBuddy to understand how consumers think about both their own brand and competitor brands, and how this changes over time.

Not wanting to risk alerting their own customers to the presence of competitor services, DogBuddy needed a consumer intelligence platform that could target real dog owners across Europe, with no hidden charges and without using screening questions or unnecessarily lengthening their surveys.

The Path to Success:

Attest’s Scalable Intelligence platform allows DogBuddy to run a personalised, insightful International Brand Tracking project every quarter. This comprehensive process quantifies the awareness generated by DogBuddy’s current marketing activity, the awareness their competitors hold and subsequent Net Promoter Scores. It also provides further clarification on the factors driving purchase intent and the changing priorities of consumers in each market. Tracking these changes over time helps to measure the success of campaigns running in each market, and how they can continue to be improved.

To be able to drill down into localised brand perceptions, DogBuddy were able to make use of the Nationally Representative markets offered by Attest. This facilitated the DogBuddy team to more fully understand who their consumers were in each distinct market, which demographics were drawn more to competitors and allow them to build campaigns designed to compete more effectively in these areas. By tracking localised perception and awareness in areas where a campaign was running, versus an area yet to be targeted, DogBuddy were able to identify prime locations for upcoming campaigns.

Great Results:

By using Attest’s International Brand Tracker, DogBuddy have tracked the success of campaigns in each of their eight markets. Keeping a finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment across the world, in record time and depth, has allowed DogBuddy to identify both subtle and sizeable shifts with plenty of time to react and keep ahead of even their fiercest competitors. Presenting this information to their board each quarter has helped to justify marketing spend and to illuminate the next steps to be taken.

“As DogBuddy grows at an increasingly fast pace, we need to work quickly and efficiently to spot shifts in our market and validate business decisions. We don’t have time to waste by waiting around for results. Using Attest to track key metrics important to our business – across multiple markets each quarter – we’ve been able rely on consistent, quality and timely data. The results show clear changes in each of our markets; from consumer perception to brand sentiment. We get rich, insightful data on a regular basis, so we’re free to get on with building the strategies and campaigns we’re confident will work.”Simon Goble, Chief Marketing Officer at DogBuddy

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