Consumer Attitudes to Public Private Partnerships in the Wake of Carillion

January 24, 2018 - 1 minute read

As the fallout from Carillion's callapse into liquidation continues, we wanted to see how consumer attitudes towards Public Private Partnerships in general might have shifted. 

To find out, we surveyed 2,500 people across the UK, between January 19-23rd 2018.

We found that:

  • 42% of British public think Government has handled the Carillion situation badly
  • 57% of those surveyed don’t know what a Public Private Partnership is
  • 19% of respondents know somebody affected by Carillion going into liquidation
  • 60% think ministers were wrong to continue awarding contracts to Carillion after they knew about profit warnings
  • 41% favour much stronger regulations and oversight to avoid similar situations in the future
  • However 44% remain ‘quite or very favourable' to PPP as a continued method of financing major infrastructure projects

Other interesting findings include:

  • 72% of the UK public is aware that Carillion have gone into liquidation
  • 63% blame Carillion's management for the collapse, while 22% blame the government
  • To avoid similar situations in the future, 21% favour 'never letting a company get too big to fail,' while 8% think custodial or community sentences for management would be best.
  • While 27% of people were 'extremely angry' that the taxpayer may have to foor a $200 billion bill in the aftermath of the collapse, 34% were simply 'frustrated, but not surprised.'
  • Of those who know somebody affected by Carillion's liquidation, 43% say it may affect the way they vote in the future, while those thinking jail is a good deterrent jumps up to 15%.

Surprisingly most of the public's opinion wasn't affected much by their party politics, with only minor shifts in attitudes seen when looked at by political affiliation. 

Click here to view the full results.

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