Attest Invited to Join Top UK Scaleups in Upscale and “Go to Grow”

February 05, 2018 - 4 minute read


We have great news to share with you! We’ve been invited to join not one, but two world-class development programmes for the brightest startups in the UK.


Alongside 36 of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, we’re joining Tech City UK’s Upscale showcase, a six month programme linking early-stage companies showing great potential to some of the country’s most successful tech entrepreneurs and investors (including senior leaders and founders of Skype, Graze, Moo and more).


Here’s a word from our founder and CEO, Jeremy King, about the benefit to Attest of joining such a programme:


“It’s wonderful to meet other companies with similar opportunities and challenges. Upscale helps us to share, learn and grow with each other, and collaborate to help boost all high-growth businesses across the UK.”


A second invite landed on our doorstep last week, from the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme, a brand new twelve month programme offering mentor opportunities, expert advice and business leads for high growth companies in the technology, life sciences and urban sectors.


Taking part in the new schedule are a number of international mentors from successful innovators including Google, Citymapper and SwiftKey.


You can learn more about the programmes we’re involved with below.


Scaling fast, scaling together


Upscale 3.0 invites promising companies from 12 technology sectors including eCommerce, Cybersecurity, App & Software Development, and three companies joining us in the growing SaaS field (in 2016 & 2017 only 3.3% of companies involved in the programme were categorised as SaaS, whereas this sector offers more than 10% of the class of 2018).


In its three year history, the programme has helped over 100 companies. Alumni include success stories such as Urban Massage, CharlieHR and Appear Here. Upscale is committed to supporting companies founded or grown in the UK, carving a reputable space for our country in the tech scene on the world stage.


Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK, said:

“Upscale is an important programme because it is a crucial showcase for some of the UK’s most promising startups. This country is fortunate to have an amazing number of companies embarking on this journey but we need to make sure that we keep supporting those who make the bold decision to start or grow a business here in the UK.”


Tech City UK use the programme to link young companies not just with world-class mentors, but also with each other, to build a powerful scaling network, encouraging each other to grow faster, smarter and stronger together.


We’re proud to be recognised among an impressive array of young companies, with average revenue between us of £1.7m per year and funding rounds of up to £17m. The average age of companies in the programme is 4.5 years, so we’re gratified to be acknowledged considering we’ve been operating for just under 3 years.


Upscale class of 2018


RSVP: City Hall


The Mayor of London’s International Business Programme, ‘Go to Grow’, is a specifically London-based programme offering a bespoke schedule encouraging both the sharing of advice for international expansion, but also the development of genuine business leads and connections, to assist in this ambition.


Joining us in the programme are other ambitious young companies able to demonstrate 20% year-on-year growth who are looking to take their next steps across borders. The focus of this programme is to encourage and enable scaleups to take the steps necessary to expand into new markets and increase the reach of these London-based companies.


Great news for Attest


The mentors contributing to both programmes are some of the best entrepreneurial brains currently in business, and have faced and overcome barriers to growth within their own companies in recent years and months.


They’re now keen educate new entrepreneurs in the tactics required for both domestic scaling and international expansion. With the support and guidance of industry-leaders, and the motivation of a network of other tech startups around us, we’re aiming high for 2018!


Our COO, Tony Hunter, summed up how the programmes should propel Attest to new heights in 2018:


“Looking back at the progress Upscale alumni have achieved spells great things for the year, and possibilities ahead for Attest. Our hard work and growth over the past year have gained us access to these exciting opportunities. We’re looking forward to working with world-class entrepreneurs who have been in our shoes and conquered fast and smart growth, and who have unmissable insights to offer.”


Our mission is to bring businesses and consumers closer together, for everyone’s benefit.


We believe that having unlimited consumer intelligence is a gift that every team in every business should have.


If you’d like to discover our brand intelligence platform, which ranks us within the top 37 fastest growing tech startups in the UK, then get in touch or give us a call on 0330 808 4746.


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