2019 Q1 New Feature Roundup: auto-error highlighter, export improvements and more

The Attest Engineering and Product Teams have been hard at work over the past 3 months, and now we're ready to share the results with you! Check out the improvements to the dashboard, the brand new features and the ways that consumer research just got easier, quicker and more powerful.

The new year brings with it an exciting flurry of new features and upgrades to existing features. If our New Year’s resolution had been to make the lives of our clients easier, then we’d be pretty pleased right now. This past quarter we’ve improved our platform by releasing a number of improvements and new features:

  • Auto-error highlighter
  • Free text response updates
  • Export improvements
  • Survey scheduling
  • Copy & paste results
  • Additional regional targeting
  • Additional demographic targeting

Read on to learn about the new features we’ve released.

Auto-error highlighter

What is it?

We’ve improved the way our platform automatically highlights issues within your survey, with a pop-up to alert you as to how to correct the highlighted sections.


Why does it matter?

We won’t let you set a survey live that has any error messages present, plus the error messages are easy to isolate and address. You can be sure when you hit ‘go’ that your survey is optimised and respondents will know exactly how to answer your questions.

Read more about spotting and resolving errors.

Free text response updates

What is it?

Free-text analysis within the platform has never been easier; search for a term or phrase, hit just one button to select all answers containing that term or phrase, and search again and select again to add more terms to the total search. 

Why does it matter?

Our interactive dashboard is now even more powerful for qualitative analysis. With this new functionality, you can use the free-text results to surface insights easily from complex qualitative data sets that contain multiple different terms. Remove terms from the total search just as easily as you add them, with the touch of a single, powerful ‘Select all’ button!

Discover more about searching free text results.

Export improvements

What is it?

You spoke and we listened. Based on feedback about our survey exports – specifically the need for the exports to aggregate seamlessly with other data sources – we’ve updated them! You wanted to see a few extra things: percentages as well as raw values in the Excel export sheet, a link to the survey dashboard so you can quickly navigate there, the ability to see who had skipped or answered N/A / None / Other. We’ve taken care of all of it.

Why does it matter?

The exports should help you get more out of your survey data than ever before, all thanks to your feedback, so keep it coming!

Survey scheduling

What is it?

Whether you need to speak to consumers at a particular time of day – perhaps when a task is front of mind – or schedule global surveys for countries in other time zones, Attest now allows you to schedule your surveys for an exact time and date, up to 6 months in advance. Tick all your survey projects off your to-do list in one hit by scheduling them to go live in days, weeks or months from now.

Hot tip: All times are scheduled in GMT, so you’ll need to take the time difference into consideration if you’re running surveys internationally. Other time zones are coming soon!

Why does it matter?

You’ve always been able to survey whichever audiences you want, wherever they are. Now, you can also schedule surveys to be launched whenever works best for you, the market you’re surveying, and your business needs.

Copy & paste results

What is it?

If you’re looking for the data from one or two questions, copy results direct from the Attest results dashboard and paste into your spreadsheet. You can even apply demographic filters and cross-tabs in the dashboard, then copy that precise data set.

Hot tip: This feature has been released in Google Chrome. For people on other browsers, the feature will be rolled out shortly.

Why does it matter?

Here at Attest we’re all about gathering the data you need at record speed. And we just made the process of analysing your data faster!

Additional regional targeting

What is it?

You can now target consumers based on region, province and even narrower locations in Belgium, Poland and Russia without having to include qualifying questions at the outset, reducing the budget and work for you; they’re available at the touch of a button, for free.

Why does it matter?

Every quarter we aim to increase the richness of the demographic details available on our platform. This allows users to create consumer profiles, conduct other demographics-based research, and access specific pockets of the population that are most valuable to your business.

Additional demographic targeting

What is it?

That’s not all the work we’ve done on demographics in Q1! You can now target consumers (and filter results) based on the respondent’s parental status, and the age and gender of their child(ren) in Hong Kong.

Why does it matter?

Interested in the Hong Kong and Malaysian markets? If your brand markets to parents, then this update is for you!

Tell us what you want!

Love the new experience, or have some feedback for future releases? Get in contact with us and we’d be more than happy to walk you through what’s coming up and take your suggestions on board.


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