A Pollfish alternative for conducting primary market research

Attest is a Pollfish alternative for marketers looking for a survey software with a 125M built-in audience & expert templates. See how we stack up!

Which should you use to conduct primary market research through surveys? How do we compare, and what makes Attest one of the top Pollfish alternatives? 

Let’s find out.

Why consider Pollfish alternatives?

You’re probably looking for different levels of depth in your primary market research and are checking out various online survey software tools. You might’ve stumbled upon Pollfish and are looking for the best alternatives. Good on you for doing your research properly!

Pollfish has its benefits for market research when you aren’t trying to do a deep dive into consumers’ minds. Speed is at its core: respondents go through surveys quickly to get back to what they were doing. This is because of the way Pollfish sources respondents—they’ll offer surveys to people who are using, for example, a third-party app.

This is a perfectly valid way to gather survey responses, when it’s used alongside a variety of other methods. Market researchers might want to look for Pollfish alternatives if the information they’re collecting takes a little more concentration and time from respondents. 

Or another great example: when collecting data for new product development. You don’t want to be taking long-lasting product decisions based on quickly given answers that might not reflect what respondents really think.

The best Pollfish alternatives include Attest, Google Forms, Zoho Survey, Microsoft Forms, SurveyMonkey and Typeform.

What makes Attest a great Pollfish alternative?

Market research is about taking the guesswork out of your decision-making processes. Consumer insights with an eye for the humans behind the insights: that’s what we’re aiming at.

We often talk about the importance of asking the right questions, but even the right questions won’t get you anywhere if you’re not asking the right people. At Attest, we pride ourselves on coupling high-quality data sources with diverse audience segmentation, from Nat Rep to super niche.

Our 125 million+ audience might be smaller than the quarter of a billion that Pollfish offers, but overall numbers don’t mean much when you also factor in how those respondents were selected. 

Attest respondents choose when to take part in surveys. With Pollfish, respondents are presented with surveys when they’re in the middle of something else, like playing an addictive game or reading an article about their favorite singer’s lunch. So when you’re checking out the top Pollfish alternatives, bear this in mind—think about whether you’re looking for gamers and other app users, or whether you’re looking for a more representative type of consumer. 

That comes on top of all the other benefits you get from a survey software like Attest, which include: 

  • Dedicated research specialists to guide you through your consumer research, regardless of which plan you’re on
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use platform
  • A range of ready-made survey templates at your disposal
  • A results dashboard that makes using data analysis tools a breeze, for once.
Attest survey builder question types

But how do Attest and Pollfish compare on specific products areas? Let’s compare the two based on what’s really important for brands.

How does Attest’s data quality compare to Pollfish?

‘Quality not quantity’ is an adage as old as time, and it absolutely applies to market research. While large sample sizes are great—and you can totally get those through Attest—we think it’s even more important to have high-quality consumer insights that you know you can trust.

There are a few factors that influence the quality of your insights. Let’s start with the most influential one: the respondents.

First, your respondents have to match your target audience. A mismatch in that can give you large quantities of data that might be slightly off, causing you to release a bright pink product instead of a neon green one. For that, we’ve created an innovative ‘respondent score’ model. This lets us detect low-quality respondents—even when they don’t trigger any individual data quality algorithm.

It is what we were looking for in terms of data quality and we are now no longer afraid to ask open-ended questions!

Justine Catala, CMI Project Manager Active Beauty, Givaudan

Secondly, we’ve added loads of attention-checking tools to make sure the respondents you get through Attest are paying attention and giving you honest and relevant answers.

Some people skip through questions a little too fast, or click the answer that was coincidentally below their cursor at the time. We call that GIGO—Garbage In, Garbage Out: nonsense inputs producing nonsense outputs. 

Our platform has learned to identify GIGO and remove poor quality responses. Here’s what the Attest platform is constantly on the lookout for:

  • Speeding – completing the questions too quickly
  • Skipping – failure to answer questions
  • Mismatched demographics – respondents providing conflicting information
  • Over-claiming – respondents exaggerating
  • Gibberish/Non-relevancy – nonsense open text answers

These rules are individually effective in detecting bad quality responses, but they don’t catch everything: there are also respondents who only skip some questions. They do fill in open-answers with real words (no cats walking across keyboards), but they’re still of low quality.

We challenged our smartest minds to create a system that can combine all relevant indicators of low quality insights, so you get a perfectly filtered dashboard with results that are safe to use.

Want to know exactly how we did so? Read about how we built a survey fraud detector using machine learning.

Gather quality consumer insights fast with Attest

We triple-check your research data to make sure the insights you get are truly high quality. And you’re not alone: our Customer Research Team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Attest vs Pollfish 

Of course, you’re wondering about a whole lot more than just data quality when looking for Pollfish alternatives. Wondering how Pollfish and Attest compare on all the points on your wishlist? Let’s take a look at them side by side and get to the bottom of it.


How Attest became the online survey software trusted by names like Trustpilot, Boots/Walgreens and lots of fast-growing businesses

After being founded in 2015, Attest has seen outstanding growth—being number 41 on the FT list of Europe’s 1,000 fastest-growing companies. Attest CEO and Founder Jeremy King is a trained scientist, a graduate of Harvard Business School and previously worked at McKinsey & Company. Jeremy began Attest with a simple mission: to make it possible for businesses to inform every intuition and dissolve any doubt with continuous insights. 

With over 150 employees in New York and London, our team has built a consumer research platform that’s become the go-to survey software for market research. 

When I think about Attest, I think about it as the best of all worlds. So, you’re getting the high-quality data with appropriate samples in various different markets that you would get from any of the big monolithic research and insight companies, but with a self-service front-end that frankly allows you to manage costs more effectively.

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director, Little Moons

How Pollfish leveraged the strength of our mobile phone addiction

Pollfish is a mobile-optimized platform, founded in 2013 by John Papadakis, Andreas Vourkos, Giannis Zaoudis and Zissis Bellas, that delivers surveys online usually while respondents are using a third-party app. Think about when you’ve been playing a free game on your phone and in exchange for more free gameplay you’ve been asked to answer a few quick questions—that might’ve been a Pollfish survey.

Value proposition

Attest: cutting-edge tech and human expertise

Gut feelings, hunches or hear-say—these are all great, but when your company goals are on the line, you want to be able to back them up with high-quality insights. We believe every great business decision for product, brand or campaigns contains the same secret ingredient: consumer research.

With our cutting-edge tech and intuitive platform, coupled with on-demand guidance from our in-house research experts, we enable brands of all sizes to collect insights and quality information from consumers across multiple markets, quickly and reliably. 

We want to turn every marketer into a market research expert, and help companies make better decisions and better products, campaigns and relationships with their target audience, continuously.

Attest audience selector

Pollfish: mobile-first and fast

Pollfish’s USP is what they call ‘organic sampling’—surveying consumers through the devices and services they are organically engaged in.

Their view is that respondents sought through panels are unreliable because they want to complete surveys. You might have guessed that this is one point Attest slightly differs on—we know that our multi-panel approach results in the highest quality insights, while avoiding panel fatigue that single-panel providers suffer from. 

Pollfish’s sampling method—a mobile survey sent to people at random in the middle of an app experience—provides ‘the benefits of scale, convenience and fast response rates’. So if speed is your absolute priority, rather than data quality (remember how Pollfish surveys are offered to respondents when it’s the last thing they want to do?), Pollfish is the platform for you. 


Attest: turning you into a market research expert

With Attest, just about anyone can become expert market researchers. We’ve created survey software that is easy to use and encourages you to create surveys that are high-quality. To make it even easier, our Customer Research Team has created survey templates that help you hit the ground running and show you how it should be done.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to create and edit your online surveys. And as soon as your results start coming in, you see the insights in your dashboard in an easy-to-read way. You can cut the insights with filters to find nuances in your research and also export your fresh insights to use in your own data analysis tools, documents and presentations. 

Something to remember: All Attest features are available to you, regardless of what plan you’re on.

Pollfish: build an online survey within minutes

Pollfish comes with a straightforward survey software tool to build and analyze online surveys. You can easily create surveys with their survey software and your results will be shown in a dashboard that comes with some demographic filtering options and data analysis tools.

You can create white label reports both in the basic and elite plan. A BigQuery export is available in the elite custom plan. Pollfish also has several templates available that show you the ropes on the art of survey building.


Attest: dedicated support from research experts

We believe any online survey software is only as good as the experts who help build it. Whether it’s the first time you conduct online surveys, or you’re a seasoned researcher who’s exploring Attest’s platform, our Customer Research Team is here for you! 

With Attest you’re assigned a dedicated Customer Research Manager. But we also want you to be able to stand on your own two feet, so a full onboarding process and training is all part of the deal.

You can always reach out to the Attest Customer Research team with questions, ideas, suggestions and anything that could help turn your research into a bigger success.

I think the fact that you have the Customer Research Team to help you as well means you can be sure the data is very robust. I was actually really surprised at how much effort and attention CRT gave my team.

Liz Yates, Head of Growth at Oddbox

Pollfish: support whenever you need it

In the basic plan, 24/7 live support is included, so you can always speak to another human being who can help you with your online survey needs. For extra clarity, there is also the option to call, if chatting isn’t enough.

If you need more assistance or expertise, you can hire an expert who will help you with your Pollfish challenges. With Pollfish, this expert assistance comes at an extra cost on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Attest: pulling respondents, instead of pushing surveys

We can’t stress enough how important talking to the right audience is. Imagine basing a new product development process on the input of a target group that’s wrong, or doesn’t care and gives quick, thoughtless answers. It’s a nightmare scenario.

We use the mixed-recruitment and mixed-reward methodology for our research sample. We partner with panel aggregators to access 100s of respondent panels around the world. Each sample provider we access has a unique recruitment and reward method, to make sure you get honest and representative responses.

Because we work with multiple panels, you can reach 125 million respondents in 58 countries with Attest’s survey software. 

We know you sometimes need to get specific, so we go beyond age, gender and location. You can specify who you want to segment your respondents based on demographic factors like household income, employment sector and pet ownership. And regardless of how detailed you make your target group, the price per response stays the same—so feel free to get weirdly specific.

Our mixed-methodology also centers on a pull rather than a push approach, so people arrive naturally whenever they have time to pay the right attention to your surveys. What makes Attest top of the Pollfish alternatives is that we reach people on their terms, about topics they indicated they’d happily share their thoughts and attitudes on. 

Choose the #1 Pollfish Alternative: Attest

Analyze and track your market with our global audience of 125 million—it’s easy with our expert-crafted survey templates.

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Pollfish: meet your respondents in their mobile apps

Pollfish survey software reaches respondents through apps on their smartphones. They avoid what they call ‘professional survey-takers’ who are incentivized by things like cash or airline points. Instead, they seek the help of app developers to make sure they’re reaching people who have a few moments to spare to answer a survey.

Pollfish pays app developers to display their surveys within their app. The apps only get paid when they deliver a response from a qualified individual that fits the targeting criteria request and meets Pollfish’s quality controls.

Respondents will be reading an article, playing a game or watching a movie, when they’re asked if they can quickly participate in a mobile survey. So if gamers or avid movie downloaders are your specific target audience, Pollfish is the ideal platform for you to conduct surveys. If you want to reach more people than that, say hello to Attest

Use cases

Attest: insights that drive better business decisions

From brand awareness to campaign insights, to NPD and competitor analysis—we don’t just help you collect any kind of data, but we specialize in insights that can really transform your business. 

Here are some of the use cases in which Attest really thrives:

  • Brand tracking and NPS surveys
  • Consumer profiling
  • Creative asset testing (e.g. logo testing, advertising testing)
  • Campaign insights (pre/post)
  • Competitor analysis
  • New product development
  • Market analysis
  • Jobs to be done
Creative testing at Attest with results


Pollfish’s use cases are similar to Attest’s. Here are some of the use cases Pollfish covers:

The ROI of using Attest is speed and certainty with our new product offering and go-to-market strategy. Every product concept that’s performed well on Attest has gone on to development, and that’s down to our confidence in the data. 

Alex Caplan, Trade Marketing Manager, Mallow & Marsh


Attest: credit-based pricing plans

Attest’s pricing is based on survey responses. It doesn’t matter what type of question it is, or how niche your respondent is—you only pay for qualified responses. 

Not sure how many responses you would need to base your business decisions on? Our team of experts will help you estimate how many responses you need for your specific research project. And the more you need, the less each single response costs.

Whatever plan you choose, we offer unlimited user accounts, so your whole team can collaborate on research projects.

Another important thing to remember: You’ll get a dedicated Customer Research Manager to guide you through your research regardless of which plan you’re on!

Pollfish: tailored pricing plans for every need

The cheapest Pollfish pricing starts at $95 a month. For that you get 100 respondents, and up to five questions per survey. Screening questions aren’t included in that price.

On the Pollfish pricing page you can create your own package and price based on your needs. Select the number of respondents, number of questions and screening questions and you immediately see what you’ll be paying for.

The next step is their Elite plan, which allows you to build a tailored package full of what you exactly need, and a custom price.

Why Attest is the best alternative to Pollfish

We believe that Attest’s strength is our speed, audience and data quality. But so does Pollfish. Which one of us is right for you depends on who you are looking to get answers from, and under which circumstances. 

Do you need to ask a few quick questions to an audience that matches generic demographic criteria—and do you not mind if this interrupts consumers in what they were doing? Then Pollfish works for you.

If you want respondents who take their time to fill in your online survey, then Attest is the way to go. 

We’re also proud at Attest to offer brands the best of both worlds in market research: cutting-edge tech and human expertise. Our easy-to-us dashboard is coupled with on-demand research expertise, enabling anyone to quickly conduct high-quality research.

Get on-demand market research expertise with Attest

Your designated research expert from our in-house Customer Research Team will guide you through your research project, so you get the best insights for your goals.

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Choose the best Pollfish alternative

Looking for alternatives to Pollfish? Give Attest a try. You’re just a few clicks away from building a survey and sending it to your ideal target audience. 

Want to test out the waters before you commit? We completely understand that. Register for a free trial account and start surveying your customers to get a hang of our cutting-edge survey software.

Sam Killip

VP Customer Success 

Sam joined Attest in 2019 and leads the Customer Research Team. Sam and her team support brands through their market research journey, helping them carry out effective research and uncover insights to unlock new areas for growth.

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