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The Power of Brand Storytelling

June 17, 2020

2 min read

Brand storytelling is the cohesive narrative that merges the facts and emotions that your brand evokes in the minds of consumers. To help give people reasons to buy a product or service, businesses need to tell a narrative consistently across all their communications, to cut through the noise and enhance the emotional connection between you and your customer (or future customers).

Sharing a story can mean more visibility, larger profits and much wider impact – so it’s essential to incorporate narrative-building into your brand strategy now for success in 2020 and beyond.

In February 2020, Attest brought together four brand leaders to discuss the importance of storytelling to cut through today’s noise. 

In a riveting and interactive discussion, we delved into sub-topics of storytelling such as where to start, how to translate a story across different campaigns, identifying the best touch points to showcase your story and overall, how to measure your efforts. 

We filmed the session to capture the golden nuggets from each speaker, and you can enjoy them below.


Jonathan Jessop Batty

Head of Content & Storytelling – EMEA


Michelle Barclay

Head of Brand Communications


Chris Whitson

Global Head of Strategy


Amber Kirby

Director of Brand & Customer Experience


How do you successfully tell a brand story and where should you start?

How does your north star metric drive brand storytelling?

How can you translate a brand story across different campaigns?

How can a brand determine if they have the right to comment on a public issue?

How do you measure brand storytelling?

How do you build brand authenticity?

How do you identify the best touch points for your brand story?

Does measuring brand storytelling differ based on company size?

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