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Consumer Trends: Get on the Same Level as Gamers

November 06, 2018

2 min read

The Attest Consumer Trends Reports are in-depth explorations of a predefined consumer group. Consumers who self-identify with the behaviours or demographic categories of this group are surveyed and asked about their market-specific views, and consumer habits more generally. 

The preferred brands, influencers and social media platforms, as well as their priorities when considering and making purchases are all interrogated in a consistent format within each Consumer Trend Report. 

This report includes: 

  • Behaviours and interests of gamers, specifically their sentiments towards gaming brands
  • Social media and shopping habits of this consumer group within the gaming market, and more widely
  • Market and brand awareness
  • Key takeaways for brands looking to target this unique segment of the market

Top 10 gaming brands according to gamers: 

  1. PlayStation
  2. FIFA
  3. Nintendo
  4. Rockstar Games
  5. Call of Duty
  6. Xbox
  7. EA
  8. Grand Theft Auto
  9. Sega
  10. EA Sports

Key Findings: 

Gamers represent a loyal and dedicated market for brands who can capture the imagination with innovative storytelling and inspiring graphics.

While their interests outside of the gaming community might vary, meaning they enjoy varied news stories and other past times, there are certain factors that unite them.

The importance of the internet as a way to reach gamers in their natural habitat is a key learning to be taken from this report. When shopping for new products, gamers will more often than not turn to Amazon, Google or social media for inspiration.

The quality, durability and popularity of gaming brands is another uniting factor, where most gamers are drawn to (and stay loyal to) the brands that offer the best quality and are most widely recommended.

It’s also an industry that experiences both short- and long-term trends. Some sweep the globe like wildfire (consider the overnight success of Fortnite), while others experience a slower burn and some (think Mario Bros and Crash Bandicoot) benefit from retro resurgences.

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