10 top facts about Gen Z & travel in 2019

Forget Club 18-30, today’s youth are after an entirely more exotic and adventurous holiday experience.

Recent Attest data found that Gen Z (the under 25s) are travelling more often and further afield than any other age group. Here are 10 other standout insights that your travel brand needs to know about this set of globe-trotters.

Gen Z are high frequency travellers  

One standout stat from our report was the number of under 25s who took six or more holidays last year – 18%. This is much higher than any other age group. A further 19% took between 4-5 holidays in 2018, indicating that young people have caught the travel bug.  A staggering 38% predict they will take even more holidays in 2019!

Gen Z are torn between work and travel

While money is the main thing standing between young people and more holidays (61%), not being able to take time off work is also a big factor. Nearly 37% say they can’t take more holidays because of their work. Travel brands could provide a solution to this problem by offering exciting short escapes for young travellers, enabling them to take more breaks within their holiday allocation.

Gen Z are loved up

The image of young people jetting off with their mates to party on white sand beaches could be misplaced for today’s under 25s, who appear to be settling down earlier. Only 19% typically holiday with friends, while 44% go as a family and 31% travel with their partner. Tailoring your offering to young couples could be a wise move.

Gen Z want everything included

Under 25s show a bigger preference for all inclusive (AI) holidays than other age groups. Nearly 37% opt for accommodation where all food and drink is included in the rate. The restricted offers of half board (9%) and full board (7%) are not popular, showing that young people want to indulge without worrying where their next drink or meal is coming from.

Gen Z care about star ratings

Typically we think about young people being prepared to “slum it” when travelling, staying in cheap hostels – but this stereotype doesn’t ring true anymore. The most popular type of accommodation for under 25s is hotels (68%) – and they need to be nice ones. Nearly 40% said they wouldn’t stay in a hotel with less than four stars, and only 13% would judge a hotel just by its pictures and reviews, showing star ratings still matter.

Gen Z rely on word-of-mouth for holiday inspiration

You might think under 25s lock in their #travelgoals by browsing aspirational Instagram posts. But while social media plays an important role, it’s actually recommendations from friends and family that have the most sway. Just over 41% say they visit places they’ve been told about by someone they know, while 29% choose places they’ve seen on social.

Gen Z like to be active on holiday

More than any other age group, Gen Zs like to take activity holidays, with 27% saying they frequently take this type of break. They also enjoy adventure holidays (31%) and road trips (19%). It’s also worth mentioning that 45% regularly take city breaks and 43% have spontaneously booked a flight somewhere because it was on sale, showing they’re tempted to try new destinations at the right price.

Gen Z go long haul

While Europe is still popular for young travellers, under 25s are much more likely to explore far flung destinations than older holidaymakers. Just over 22% stated they would take their next holiday in Asia, 20% said they’d travel to Central or South America and 14% will be going to Australasia. A massive 88% of under 25s agree they like exploring new places and 75% think it’s important to experience the local culture.

Gen Z have decent holiday budgets  

Gen Z are no longer all cash-strapped students. Many actually have reasonable levels of disposable income to spend on things like holidays – their typical budget for a 7-day break (including travel and accommodation) is £601-£800. Under 25s tend to save up for holidays in advance (44%), but 56% usually end up spending more than planned while they’re away.

Gen Z want to switch off from tech

They might be glued to their smartphones most of the time, but under 25s view holidays as a chance to detox from tech – 75% agree they try to unplug when away. Interestingly, this desire to escape technology extends beyond the holiday itself to the booking process. More than 68% find booking a holiday stressful – what can your brand do to help?

Want a breakdown of the state of affairs in the holiday & travel sector? We’ve got you. Click below for a full report:

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