All Aboard the Attest Omnibus 2.0

May 15, 2018 - 3 minute read

Have you ever thought...

Do you have a niggling question constantly pestering you and your colleagues, that you’re just desperate to get a definitive answer to? Or a more sizeable query that your business strategy is helpless without the answer to?

Do you want to know how UK consumers talk about you when you’re not listening? Or which markets are ripe for you to expand into?

Would you like some robust, independent consumer data for use in your next press release or marketing campaign?

Are you new to the concept of brand and consumer intelligence? Wanting to dip your toe in the water before you dive in head first?

Or are you simply looking to upgrade your current reliance on existing omnibus providers to a bespoke intelligence platform that delivers more value, without compromising speed?

Yes? Then you should join the Attest Omnibus 2.0

With the free Attest omnibus 2.0 you can ask three questions to a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK consumers. The results will be statistically significant, and offer real-time, honest insights that will shine a light on the path of least-resistance for your next business move. Or a robust set of data for your next press release.

Choose from either quantitative or qualitative questions, depending on the insights you want to gather. You’re free to choose your own topics, approach and question type, but if you want guidance, our consumer intelligence experts are happy to offer you a free consultation, too.

What benefit can it bring to your brand?

With the Attest omnibus 2.0 you can unlock the answers to a question that’s been plaguing your board meetings and strategy brainstorms, by bringing genuine consumer sentiment into the conversation.

If your boss has asked you to justify a decision, and your existing analytics can’t help, and a full-blown agency research budget is out of scope or budget...this is the answer.

You can gain validation for a move, gauge reaction to your latest campaign or establish the Jobs to be Done by your products and services. The possibilities on offer from the Attest omnibus are enormous, and available free of charge to first-time users.

Interact with the results from the moment the survey goes live, so you can understand consumer sentiment on an intimate scale, cross tabbing between answers and filtering by demographics. You’ll start to see results pour in immediately, and the full set of answers in less than 48 hours.

Using a working age, nationally representative sample of UK consumers, you’re able to gather data from consumers who may not be represented in your current databases, so that you can expand the net and understand the blockers to sales as well as drivers.

Why 2.0?

Our omnibus 2.0 will deliver your results in our fully interactive dashboard, making analysis a snip. Our audience is the highest quality and most diverse on the market. Our survey respondent experience has been painstakingly crafted and tested to ensure the highest levels of engagement and data integrity.

And if you want to continue receiving insights at the speed and cost of your traditional omnibus, but with all the benefits of a dedicated survey platform, world-class support and unlimited’re just one step away.

How to get involved in the Attest omnibus

Attest run a free omnibus 2.0 survey once per month, but there are only 7 spaces available on each. To secure your place on an upcoming omnibus 2.0, fill in this quick form.

Alternatively, for more information, or to discuss bespoke projects tailored specifically to your brand’s needs, get in contact today.

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