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Testing your audio creative, whether static or dynamic, allows you
to discover which messaging is most widely accepted by consumers.


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What is Audio Testing?

Audio Testing answers questions such as: does your messaging stand out to those listening passively? How memorable are your jingles and straplines? Do your key customers consume media audibly? Is the level of personalisation of your dynamic audio acceptable?

Good audio tests should:

  • Reveal the winners of A/B tests
  • Indicate which messaging cuts through the noise to reach consumers
  • Rate the recall of existing audio advertising campaigns
  • Validate the move to advertising with this format
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Why is Audio Testing important?

Audio marketing is experiencing a revival; podcasts are a new, flourishing medium, radio is making a comeback and the use of in-home smart audio devices is booming.

Whether you’re launching into advertising in this channel for the first time, or have been advertising in audio streams for years, there’s benefits of Audio Testing for your strategy.

Those who consume adverts audibly, rather than visually, have more potential to be distracted, with your advert reaching them by just one sense, so you need to ensure each audio clip projects your message successfully for this unique audience.

It’s only by speaking with consumers that you’ll learn if your audio creative is, or will, resonate with the people who matter most.

When do you need Audio Testing?

Audio Testing should be conducted before launching any campaign to ensure the message is clear and cannot be misheard. It can also be used in the days and weeks immediately following a launch to gauge public reaction and subsequent brand perception.

Memorability of audio sound bites can be tested in the months following the launch of a campaign, to ensure your audio is not only noticeable, but also memorable.




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Where should you use Audio Tests?

 Audio Tests will mostly be owned by the marketing team. It can be used to test the power of creatives from agency pitches, or to feed back into the in-house team for optimisation ready for the next campaign.

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